From the pew sheet for Sunday October 13th  2019.

The Parish Magazine for October - November is available at the back of church.  Please take a copy if you don’t have it delivered to your home.

Church Calendars for 2020 are now available priced £5.  Contact Brian Morris.

cots2tots, our baby and toddler group, meets on Monday October 14th at 9:00am in the Parish Hall.  All babies and toddlers, accompanied by a parent/carer, are welcome.

Three Churches Together Coffee Morning in aid of Wirral Food Bank. Saturday 19th October at 10.30am in the WI Hall.

The ACF Christmas Lunch will take place on Thursday 5th December at Thornton Hall Hotel.  The cost of the two-course meal is £19 plus £1 gratuity (i.e. a total of £20).  A deposit of £6 is required.  If you would like further details please contact Shirley, 0151 336 3449.

Feast of All Saints.  At our 10:30am service on Sunday November 3rd we shall be celebrating the feast of All Saints. This is not just a day when we think about the prominent saints (many of whom have their own special day) but it is a time when we remember, with thanksgiving, all those who have followed Jesus Christ. It is a time when we give thanks for all those Christians, living and departed, who have tried to follow Jesus’ teachings (shown through his life, death and resurrection) and accept that Jesus has brought us into a good relationship with God. It’s a great festival for giving thanks to God for those who have helped us with our own Christian faith.

At All Saints we also remember, by name, those known to us who have died in the last twelve months. If you would like someone who was close to you, who has died in the last twelve months, to be remembered at this service, please give their name to the vicar or one of the churchwardens.