From the pew sheet for Sunday 16th  June 2019.

Morning Prayer at All Saints

The vicar usually says Morning Prayer in church at 9:15am on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings.  It’s a peaceful way to start the day, with readings from Psalms, the Old and New Testament to encourage you.  Everyone is invited to join in this service if they are able to do so.  There’s a fantastic app, Daily Prayer, you can download to your tablet or smartphone so that you can join in even if you can’t be in church, and you can carry on using it if you like it!  The app is free to use on-line and may be used off-line for an annual subscription of £2.99.

Vicky would be very interested to receive any feedback from those who attended Morning Prayer as a part of the “Thy kingdom come” event.  

Important notice – Vicarage telephone number

The telephone number for the vicarage is incorrect in the Parish Magazine.  The correct telephone number for the vicarage is 0151 336 2766. 
Please take note of the correct number.
We apologise for this error.


Giving.  New sets of Weekly Giving envelopes for the coming year are available at the back of church.  If you use these to make your gift please take the box of envelopes with your name on it.  Also at the back of church are letters of thanks and a statement of giving addressed to each of our regular donors who give using weekly envelopes or through their bank by standing order.  Please take the letter which is addressed to you.  If you are interested in having a set of envelopes to use or in setting up a standing order to make your regular gift to All Saints please speak to Syd Deakin or Iain Stinson.

The next cots2tots session is on Monday June 17th starting at 9:00am in the Parish Hall.

The ACF Chatterbox Club will take place on Tuesday June 18th at 2:15pm.

We hope to produce a calendar for 2020 using photographs taken around the parish by members of the congregation and readers of The Magazine.  Everyone is invited to submit photographs for possible inclusion in the calendar.  We are particularly looking for photographs which show recognisable parts of the parish.  We are also inviting local businesses and organisations to sponsor a month in the calendar.  Further details may be found in the current edition of The Magazine.